About Little Ballet Dancer

About Little Ballet Dancer

We teach accessible and engaging online ballet lessons

It is well documented the benefits of introducing ballet to young children can have on their development, yet so many children don't get the opportunity to experience or explore the world of ballet. We established our premium online ballet program to allow ballet to be accessible and engaging to all children, so all children can reap the benefits it offers.

We've stripped away much of the femininity and constraints of a traditional ballet lesson and replaced it with gender-neutral themes, capes and crowns, and visual and sound effects.

All kids love to dance! They love the feeling of moving to music, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. And we are here to nurture that feeling by delivering ballet in a surprising new way!


Ballet teacher and two young children, a boy and girl performing the warm up exercise in a recording studio


We know parents are seeking out quality screen time for their children.

So we bring you a quality virtual ballet program that is:

  • Beneficial to early childhood development
  • Relatable to all children
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Fun and enjoyable!

    Little Ballet Dancer is proud to offer pre-recorded lessons that harnesses the proven benefits of traditional ballet and is designed for children to show improvement and progression as they continue through the program.   

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    I’m so excited you’re joining me for a ballet lesson - I can’t wait to dance with you!

    Ballet teacher Miss Debbie is proud to offer a premium online ballet program

    Hello children! My name is Miss Debbie!

    Can I tell you a secret? When we dance we can be ANYTHING. We can be playful like a puppy, elegant like an emu, or strong like a superhero.

    Did you know, I fell in love with ballet when I was 3 years old - just like many of you! I danced everywhere I could - I leapt around the living room, bourréed across the bedroom, and stretched in the sitting room.

    And that’s why I’m bringing my lessons into YOUR home – so you can enjoy ballet, no matter where you are.

    Let’s put on our crowns, and stand tall little dancers!
    Miss Debbie xx


    Meet Miss Debbie

    Debbie Shannon is a passionate teacher of ballet, having studied under both the Borovansky and Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabi. She now dedicates her teaching time to preschoolers and early Primary students.

    Debbie loves the joy and freedom that ballet gives to all young children: this is when the passion for dancing is born - regardless of a child’s gender. She was motivated to develop a high quality program that teaches ballet technique and excites all children to dance.

    Now, with children of her own she can see first-hand how beneficial learning ballet is for young kids. In fact, you’ll meet her children in the lessons! Her son William shows just how easy it is for boys and girls alike to find ballet so enjoyable when you remove some of the rigidness often felt in ballet studios.


    Ballet music with a difference

    We are proud that our music is composed by world-class ballet musicians. In fact, our underscore and some of our pieces are exclusively composed for Little Ballet Dancer by international musician and ballet accompanist, Debbi Parks.

    Debbi Parks is passionate about creating and improvising music for ballet class. Her lifelong mission is to create the perfect musical backdrop to complement each exercise, in quality, texture, melody, phrasing and harmony.

    "I am delighted to be involved in this wonderful creative partnership with Little Ballet Dancer. I've thoroughly enjoyed providing a suitable soundscape for each themed lesson and complementing the mood, tempo and style of each exercise."
    Debbi Parks – Composer and Ballet Accompanist