Boys and Ballet

Boys and Ballet

Boys do ballet too – let’s nurture the passion

Have you wondered what might happen when boys dance? They:

  • improve their focus and concentration
  • get active and let their imagination flourish
  • improve strength and coordination
  • gain more self confidence

Introducing dance during a child’s early years – boys or girls – has been proven to be beneficial in giving children a great start in whatever future activities they may choose.


We know how to teach boys

To us, teaching ballet to boys while keeping them engaged is a forethought - and not an afterthought. We want to actively do away with the stereotype that ballet is feminine!

Ballet can be neutral. Here’s a few ways we do it:

We use capes and crowns like daring superheroes and regal royals – not tutus and tiaras.
We use relatable imaginative play scenes during each exercise. We dance as animals and chefs – not fairies and princesses. We use neutral language – it’s not girly and not boy-ish either! We simply speak the original language of ballet.

Let’s make it completely normal for boys to dance too!


A 4 year old little boy sits on the studio floor excited for his ballet class. He is wearing is ballet uniform, ballet shoes and ballet cape.

Meet William!

In our lessons, you’ll meet William! He is a beautiful bouncing four year old who loves ballet. He makes an appearance next to Miss Debbie in every lesson.

William is our little role model – normalising ballet for boys, and showing it’s fun. Your boys will see William and realise “he’s just like me – I can do it too!"


Celebrate the differences

Yes - boys DO dance differently! Wouldn’t the ballet world be boring if they didn’t?

Think about every ballet production you’ve seen – are your eyes drawn to the strength and nimbleness of male dancers? They offer balance to our ballerinas.

Boys learn and play differently to girls, and they’ll dance differently too. Ballet boys are strong yet nimble, aggressive yet graceful. We celebrate this difference!


When boys shy away from ballet lessons with girls

Think about the developmental opportunities they’re missing because they don’t feel comfortable attending ballet classes with girls! Balance, coordination, posture, self-expression, strength, confidence. We all know they shouldn’t feel like they have to shy away from ballet.

How Little Ballet Dancer helps:

We cultivate a love of ballet at home where boys feel comfortable and free to express themselves. We help parents embrace their boy’s love of dance. 🡆 The skills learnt will be transferable and beneficial for many other activities - regardless of whether they continue to pursue ballet or not.

“A fantastic program that encourages inclusion and diversity”

I feel like dance practice has long been stigmatised as a ‘girls only’ practice. Miss Debbie really brings down those beliefs as she captivates our little dancers right from the comfort of our own living room.

Jodie – mum of two boys (6 & 2) and one girl (4) – Toowoomba, Australia

"This is brilliant”

I don’t often see my son this engaged on the iPad.

Alicia – mum of boy (4 years) and girl (2 months) – London, England


Ready to introduce your boy to ballet? Start lessons in your home now!

  • Fun ballet exercises for 3-7 year olds
  • Four new lessons released every 28 days, for 6 months
  • Each class is structured just like an in-studio ballet lesson
  • Every lesson focuses on technique, fundamentals and enjoyment
  • Experienced teacher with Borovansky and Royal Academy of Dance ballet training
  • World class ballet music from leading ballet pianists
  • Exclusive music composed specifically for signature exercises.
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