Are you ready to follow Miss Debbie in her ballet cape and crown?

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Premium pre-recorded lessons all children will love


Bringing the joy of dance to you!

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Lessons your way

A fun, convenient online ballet program designed to support children's physical and cognitive development. The BEST part - it fits in with you!

Premium lessons taught by Debbie Shannon a passionate and experienced ballet teacher.

Music exclusively composed music by London Royal Ballet pianist Debbi Parks.

Ballet teacher and young boy demonstrating the plie ballet position holding teddy bears

Take the hassle out of ballet lessons.
Learn real ballet at your convenience.

Ballet at Home
Creative dance teacher and boy toddler are kneeling up pretending to be puppies

Delight early learners at your centre.
On-demand, fun educational ballet lessons.

Ballet at Kindergarten

Looking for ballet that’s fun for all boys and girls?

All children love to dance. Ballet isn’t just for girls – it’s for everyone.

Little Ballet Dancer is perfect for all kids who love moving to music:
  • Boys! Try ballet at home where boys feel comfortable and free.
  • Girls! Enjoy imaginative movement to music that avoids stereotypes.
  • Siblings! Encourage the love of ballet together.
  • Parents! Relax, pour a cuppa and enjoy watching your child dance.
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Do you have an energetic little one who loves to dance?

Join experienced dance teacher Miss Debbie for these easy-to-follow online lessons that are guaranteed to capture the imagination of your little superhero.


24 lessons currently available


Watch the virtual lessons on any smart device


Perfect for the attention spans of 3-7 year old's


Playful storytelling that boys & girls can relate to equally


"It's really beautiful"

 My son loves the crown theme, he noticed it immediately. I love how Miss Debbie explains terms very simply, my son is learning ballet terms whilst doing the exercises. The music is gorgeous!

Alicia - mum of 2 (boy 4 years & girl 2 months) - London, England


 The lessons are well considered and delivered perfectly to engage my children. I was also eager to join in, so a fun time can be had by all the family!

Tanya - mum of 2 (girl 5 & boy 3) - Geelong, Australia

"Very Impressive"

Being a dancer myself I'm impressed by the high quality of this product and the way Debbie showcases the technical aspects of ballet whilst also keeping it fun and enjoyable. You must try this with your kids!

Annette - mum of 1 (boy 4) - Melbourne, Australia

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Nurture and normalise ballet for boys

Oh-too-soon our boys shy away from attending ballet classes with girls. Think about the developmental opportunities they’re missing because they don’t feel comfortable!

We’ve created lessons that are relatable and enjoyable for boys and girls alike. Perfect for the whole family.

Learn more about Boys and Ballet

Creative themes that boys and girls equally love!

Let kids’ imaginations dance free with themes like:

Animals on the Loose

Down on the Farm

Out at Sea

Cooking up a Storm

Wizard Magic

Genie in a Lamp

Five learning principles of Little Ballet Dancer

Ballet benefits our children’s early physical and cognitive development.

Inclusive Learning

Making ballet and its benefits accessible for everyone

Accessible Learning

Ballet anywhere and anytime – happy kids and happy parents

Musical Learning

Exploring rhythm and counting, as well as melody and expression

Play-based Learning

Storytelling and imagination brings enjoyment and enthusiasm

Technical Learning

Improvement and progression through participation

Little Ballet Dancer ballet teacher and founder Miss Debbie is happy looking at the camera in her ballet uniform and cape

“Seeing children’s faces light up through movement and music is so gratifying. Seeing the faces of the parents watching their child dance is even more rewarding.”

Debbie Shannon – Founder and Ballet Teacher

Learn about our values and teaching philosophyMeet Miss Debbie!2021-AusMumpreneur-Awards-Finalist

The benefits of ballet are endless














Focus and concentration


Strength and flexibility

We wear capes and crowns!

Ballet doesn’t have to be a sea of tutus and tiaras

Capes and crowns are worn by both females and males throughout history and in tales of fantasy. From superheroes to kings and queens, our props make our little ballet dancers feel strong and empowered.

Creative themes that boys and girls equally love! Let kids’ imaginations dance free with themes like:

Animals on the Loose

Down on the Farm

Out at Sea

Cooking up a Storm

Wizard Magic

Genie in a Lamp

Ready to bring ballet into your home?
Start your lessons now!

Miss Debbie will inspire your energetic pre-schoolers and school-starters to dance with their imagination.
  • Fun ballet exercises for 3-7 year olds
  • 4 new lessons released every 28 days, for 6 months
  • Each lesson is structured just like an in-studio ballet class
  • Every lesson focuses on technique, fundamentals and enjoyment
  • Experienced teacher with Borovansky and R.A.D. ballet training
  • World class ballet music, from world class ballet pianists
  • Some music composed exclusively for the program
5 year old girl is holding hands with 3 year old boy and showing him her pointed ballet toes. Both dressed in their ballet uniform and ballet cape.

What parents LOVE about Little Ballet Dancer

The joy of watching their children dance and learn 

The opportunity to offer ballet to their children in the comfort of their home

The option for their children to dance with capes and crowns, not tutus and tiaras

The convenience of one activity that multiple kids can participate in

The ease of bringing ballet into the home at a time that suits the household