Miss Mia and Master William stand proudly in 1st position with large smiles showing off their Little Ballet Dancer capes
The Little Ballet Dancer cape. Golden yellow with dark purple/blue trim and the Little Ballet Dancer crown logo in the centre. Flat lay photo
Master William jumping high with delight, happy to be dancing with his Little Ballet Dancer cape
Kids Ballet Cape
Kids Ballet Cape

Kids Ballet Cape

Dancing is always more fun when performed in a cape!

Inspire your little dancer to leap like a superhero and stride like a King or Queen in their very own Little Ballet Dancer cape. 

When worn our lightweight capes have magical powers - they will instantly motivate your child to jump higher and stand taller.

You will be able to watch their dancing go from strength to strength. PLUS, your child will get to create a connectedness and belongingness with the virtual program by wearing matching capes.


One size fits most 2 - 8 year olds.

30-day refund available



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 Soft silky and 100% Polyester

Velcro fastening so children can independently put on the cape themselves.


Cape: Golden yellow

Trim: Dark purple/blue


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